"think on these things" 

J. Krishnamurti

a night at Norwegian thousand-stars hotel

If talking about paradise on Earth, i will say Norway. You can a perfect harmony of life quality, natural-urban beaufifulness, people's kindness, capitalism vs. socialism and Healthy Food of course.

a Danish train

Trains in Danemark is something different. The different between 1st class 2nd is not net.

In 2nd class, we have the same seat and roughly the same space as in 1st class.

*just in 1st class that we will have free snacks and coffees which is very special in comparing with other trains in Europe.

a storie of Nấm

Our team is running a production firm of straw-mushroom -called nấm rơm in vietnamese, in Tra Vinh - a province in the delta of Mekong.

We are trying to walk in the same way of a farmer trying to convert from small and low-tech production to modern technics.

We deal with many problems that every farmer would deal with :

-no huge financial support

-instability of raw materials' quality

-lacking of standard machineries

-lacking of technical suppliers for small-scale production

-lacking of competencies and supports to grow and to do marketing

Vietnam's economy is awaking and Vietnamese farmers will have to face with agricultural transforms to do not be on the edge of the globalization.

We learn and learn and learn,... and will teach other farmers in the end of our success. We work for our prosperity and would not let anyone behind.

a storie of lalaspa

Our team at lalaspa is working hard to create a different vision in massage therapy.

_we create an unique deep tissue massage therapy

_we pursuit highly technical-oriented products, not marketing-oriented

_we follow a nordic-inspired managment system

We get specially  inspired by nordic managmenent’s philosophy. From an employee’s view, it should be :

[x] work is fun, every moment at work is at recreations

[x] work is fair, get paid fairly

[x] work is proud, create values for others and get respected by others

We have a financial vision of win-win for a sustainable ‘business’

[x] business is to get people live happily

[x] profit comes after client’s benefits and after employee’s benefits

Source of the title : https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Batman-choose-a-bat-as-his-symbol

*My medium : https://nguyenrobot.medium.com/why-did-batman-choose-a-bat-as-his-symbol-18d9fc8738e7

To face his fear and his phobia in every moment, I will answer.

All of us have fears and they vary constantly with your life-experiences. So, fears are something normal but what we do is usually unnormal — we try to hide from them. Fears of dogs, of spiders, of phantoms, of bad scores, of job-loss, of betrayal, of death, of bad people, of non-perfection, of future, of social crises— we all experienced fears in our life-time.

We can choose to face or not our fears ! Identify and admit them as your nature. You can face — not easily, them when you admit them.

My medium : https://medium.com/@nguyenrobot/bad-and-good-people-1c01c981d8cd

Naturally, we keep our surrounding with ‘good’ people and discard away ‘bad’ people. The only reason that each of us keeps ‘bad’ people around is we think that they could be sometimes helpful.

So, classifying ‘bad’ and ‘good’ people could be good for us ?

Surprisingly, usually, it’s not ‘bad’ people that hurt you but the ‘good’ one.

Why ?

‘Good’ people get your trust and you hope that they will always make good decisions in your relationship. But, they sometimes have their own choice that could hurt you. You are frustrated by the feeling of betrayal.

It’s a mistake to consider a person as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Remember that human being is naturally selfish by their ego. Each of us tends to do everything good for ourself, sometime it could be for material convenience, sometimes it could be emotional interest. …

what should teenagers learn ?

My Medium : https://medium.com/@nguyenrobot/what-should-teenagers-learn-7f425f818a7b

Learn and work hard at school to have good scores is a part of my early successes. Beside, soft-skills are more important for sustainably happy life. At teenager age, we have time and capacity to learn quickly many of soft-skill that could go along with us for life-time.

-[x] Sport, playing sport is a good way to maintain your physical forces and social relationships. Let's try to play any sport that could not make serious injuries.

-[x] Reading. Try to find your style of reading and favourite authors. You can learn from humanity's accumulated knowledge. Your experiences are just a small fraction of time of human's history.

-[x] English. Speak English, it's a key to cultural, technical and all kind of information that you would need.

-[x] Travel. Seeing other lives and face to your fears in travels !

-[x] Cooking. Cook well to keep your healthy life and it's also a good skill for social relationships.

-[x] Art. Art could be anything you like and be part to create it as dancing, singing, diy stuffs, drawing, photography, playing an instrument, etc. Learn to feel the arts, for your lonely moment.

In teenager's age, you learn easily these skills, they will help and go along for lifetime. 

Photo Credits : nguyenrobot