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what should teenagers learn ?

My Medium : https://medium.com/@nguyenrobot/what-should-teenagers-learn-7f425f818a7b

Learn and work hard at school to have good scores is a part of my early successes. Beside, soft-skills are more important for sustainably happy life. At teenager age, we have time and capacity to learn quickly many of soft-skill that could go along with us for life-time.

-[x] Sport, playing sport is a good way to maintain your physical forces and social relationships. Let's try to play any sport that could not make serious injuries.

-[x] Reading. Try to find your style of reading and favourite authors. You can learn from humanity's accumulated knowledge. Your experiences are just a small fraction of time of human's history.

-[x] English. Speak English, it's a key to cultural, technical and all kind of information that you would need.

-[x] Travel. Seeing other lives and face to your fears in travels !

-[x] Cooking. Cook well to keep your healthy life and it's also a good skill for social relationships.

-[x] Art. Art could be anything you like and be part to create it as dancing, singing, diy stuffs, drawing, photography, playing an instrument, etc. Learn to feel the arts, for your lonely moment.

In teenager's age, you learn easily these skills, they will help and go along for lifetime.

Photo Credits : nguyenrobot